Please note, my friend created my profile on website on 07/03/2014 and get married on 07/06/2014 (within 3 months!). During this period, I was feeling great concerns of Rishta Muslim Marriage Bureau in spite of my free membership

Yes, these expressions have made by a bridegroom Jahangir Shaikh of Juhapura-Ahmedabad recently for Rishta Muslim Marriage Bureau.

Let’s read his story in his own words:


I am Jahangir Shaikh (Groom) from Juhapura, Ahmedabad was looking for me life partner since long and in search of a reliable person or agency who can share my social responsibilities as well. Thus, my expectations were a bit higher and I wanted to involve an intermediary to tackle all matters from finding to fixing the marriage.

Registered with Rishta Muslim Marriage Bureau

Meanwhile, one of my friend told me about website of and told me to try on it. I did not have any objection to create my profile there. But later on, I found that the person who told me to go on Rishta Matrimonial was indeed my well-wisher. Finally, he created my profile and uploaded photos on that website as a FREE member.

Immediate Actions

Upon my surprise, just after creation of profile I got the calls from Rishta Muslim Marriage Bureau to check relevant profiles according to my partner preferences. I checked some of them and found a profile of Arjuman Shekhani, the most suitable for me. I liked that profile.

No doubt, Arjuman Shekhani was paid member of Rishta Muslim Marriage Bureau, so they gave my contact details to them. One of best thing I found in Rishta Muslim Marriage Bureau is that they are doing cross calling and try to arrange meeting and push up the matter ahead.

Exchanges of Contacts

At my surprise, we had an introductory call from Marriage Bureau and as well as from Shabana Shekhani, sister of Arjuman. They invite us to visit at their home, Dhoraji. We visited and found all the things fine and positive according to my expectations. We liked this Rishta at first meeting also and invited them to visit our location.

However, they also came and found all the things well according to their wishes. After full satisfaction regarding to our information provided, they agreed for Rishta. This was a big win for us. Therefore, I can say that there is a very big role of Mr. Mohammed Zakir Shaikh in our success Rishta.

A Happy Climax

After this happy marriage, we meet Mr. Zakir Shaikh for personal expression of gratitude. At this meeting, we found that he is not only a businessperson, but in fact, he is a good human being by heart, a good guide, and a good example for us like people in life long crisis. We heartily wishing him a definite success and thanking Rishta Muslim Marriage Bureau, particularly, Mohammed Zakir Shaikh and his staff too.