In my teenage, my parents and near & dear ones were worried about my marriage life and expressing different opinions regarding time to marry. However, I have selected my spouse earlier in traditional ways and was ready to get married until I become financially independent or stable.

Luckily, on a social occasion, I met with one of my dear ones who was a medical doctor by education. I simply asked him regarding the right marriage age at physiological perspective. He advised me to wait until I reach mid-twenty to thirty (25-30 years old).

And a Thread of Discussion Begun!

Fortunately, my question has started a long thread of discussion among the other well-educated family members present at that moment. Many had posted the following question to me:

  • Are you physically and mentally (Psychologically) ready to share and support life with someone?
  • Are you stable in your career or business?
  • Are you financially ready to support at least two people now and kids for coming years?
  • Are you ready to lead and educate your wife or life partner to adjust to your family and your social circle around you?
  • Have prepared any life plan with your spouses like when to marry, when to have kids, and how to manage parents or other people living with you?

No doubt, questions were extremely useful, valuable, and applicable. Therefore, I have postponed my marriage date three years more and accomplished my Master degree before getting married.

Afterwards, I have experienced stability, maturity, and happiness in my life. When the owner of Rishta Matrimonial Mr. Zakir Shaikh has requested me to share something useful for his younger audience coming from various strata of the society.

These are my personal opinions, but it can varying individual-to-individual depending on their circumstances, perceptions, and biological needs.Therefore, let’s check what scientific studies suggest regarding suitable marriage period.

Perfect Time to Be Married at Scientific Point of View

A statistical analysis of data obtained on marriage age has revealed a correlation with the divorce rate. According to that study at Utah University USA, the best marriage period is 28 to 32. Unfortunately, it is for the Western worlds were socio-economics, and climate conditions are different and favor late marriage age.

In our Indian contexts, mid-twenties, the late twenties, or early thirties is the best period for some obvious reasons, such as:

  • In the prescribed period, guys and gals have enough sense to differentiate what get along with someone in a relationship or the arranged marriage.
  • They are not just get blinded by hormones or fall into a trap by a partner of someone else in the society.
  • They have a roadmap of life for financial, career, and physiological (Biological) aspects.
  • They are ready to make a series of adjustment in habits, lifestyles, and life goals keep marriage life happy, healthy, and smooth.
  • They are not too old at the biological point of view to deliver genetic malformation free kids, brought up kids, and get their fitness accordingly.

Final Verdict:

There is no age for marriage at the scientific point of view, but healthy marriage life and smooth path to grow children specify mid-twenty to thirty age period when you have optimum chance to lead a happy and prosperous married life.

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Best of Luck!