Recently, I have read an appealing blog on the picture of Indian matrimonial in the minds of NRIs – India’s Dating Sites Skip Straight to the Wedding. No doubt, I was in total disagreement with those views and conferences as well as biased opinions about the state of Indian matrimonial.


It is true that Indian matrimonial sites are offering little info initially on the website regarding the true personality of the member, but that an essential step towards protecting the privacy and possible bad ensues for a bride in particular. It is against the arranged marriage concept of our societies in true sense.


Indian matrimonial sites are not dating sites like in the West counterpart. Dating sites needs details of personality ranging from habits to choices for a day-to-day life to bedroom preferences. Dating sites triggers a series of personal interactions between man and woman while Indian matrimonial sites have not the case of like that. Instead, it triggers the series of meetings between two families and their members at first place.


If you determine your choices and place to the moderators or support staff of the matrimonial, they may provide you desired information, which are not available online or sometime not in their own database. Yes, I am absolutely right, because they collect vital info through phone or personal conversations with the candidates of your selections and according to your needs or demands.


With Indian Matrimonial, parents or family members have some room to involve in the process actively, otherwise support staff will direct you both candidates straight on your home or on your smartphones to initiate conversations. This process itself give green signals that you are interested in the life long relationships and sincere to maintain it.


In present contexts, we have smartphones with latest chatting apps and social media websites like Facebook to give enough room to grow personal dating like situations in our Indian contexts. Parents in India are mature and modern enough to provide such room to interact you with your future groom or bride. You have room to meet frequently in presence of others or alone if you wish and have self-control.


You have all chances that one Western dating sites provides before you fix the engagement rituals or straight to marriage. We have our own perceptions and angles to take marriage like things sincerely, not just a sexual play for enjoyments or as a trial-and-error paradigm where character has no value. We are still religious people with high moral standards and honestly seek our partners in these paradigm and perception.


If you want to experiment with Rishta Matrimonial, fill the short forms with lengthy descriptions or short description of your choice. You will see and experience the differences when you register yourself and start to get calls from the support staff of Rishta. They will politely extract everything that is essential to place you in front of your prospective life partner. Their active intermediating roles may ease your tough tasks. Their vast and profound experiences to deal with all possible critical situations may push you to give heartedly admirations.


You will feel that you have your true friends/parents/relatives at your side to guide you for the search of true soul mate and lifelong partner. This is the reason that I termed that when you fill up the forms of Rishta Matrimonial, you are not at the end point, but it would be a new beginning of life partner search and perhaps the new chapter in your life with full of promises!




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