I am running marriage bureau so naturally I encounter with different kinds of people and have vision about the marriage related issues. I think selection of life partner demands a lot, than we do mere shopping or other activities in our life. There are plenty of factors, which are affecting our decision such as hormonal (play part in love marriage), social, personality related, education, cultural background, family background, etc.

Arrange marriage and love marriage both have their own pros and cons so chances of broken marriage remain in both cases. In my memory, one such case of second marriage was unique and it was of Mr. Parvez Farooqui from Juhapura, Ahmadabad. Mr. Farooqui was a software engineer with MCA degree and has misfortune at age of 36 in form of broken marriage as he had to take divorce and looking after the bride for second time.

However, Mr. Farooqui had registered with other marriage bureau he choose to try Rishta Muslim Marriage Bureau based on the references of his friends and well wishers. He has taken our membership on 1st June 2013. Before approving his membership and taking case on hand I had asked all details related to his personal, social, and emotional levels as I do always for my members.

At first glance, I found some distrust regarding to our working method and claiming higher support despite low charges. I did try to convince him politely as I do for others that how we are different from others and never seat in restful chairs until we find out perfect match for our candidates.

Reasons are obvious that we are working on arrange marriage model where we have to play part of parents cum relatives cum friends cum well-wishers. We simply don’t let people to give addresses of each other and let them on mercy of their own ability or on the hormonal factors of bride and bridegrooms. We have to do things that a true intermediate man/woman do in our society and bring both ends closer so at least they can start and manage conversation in positive manner.

After profound search, we got a profile of Furkana Saiyed, a 32-year divorcee with same pains. We immediately informed Mr. Faroquee to take a look on that profile and fortunately, he found it as a good match as per their expectations. However, the profile of Furkana was belong to free membership we proceed further because we believe that if one of the both members are paid and getting his/her match, we shouldn’t stop them for sake of our money. We shouldn’t be greedy at such level and put the rights of paid member first against our earning.

We told Furkana’s brother Zubair Saiyed about the Mr. Farooqui and fortunately, they too were agree on that relationship. We had cut the communication steps and arranged a meeting of families and bridegroom as well as bride. The meeting was a success and they fixed the Rishta with a deep satisfaction and smiles on their faces. Perhaps that delighted faces were our real earning.

No doubt, the profile of Furkana Saiyed was uploaded on 15th Aug 2013, and their marriage was taken place on 25th Oct 2013. In one sense, we really have cut their time in compare to others, as per their expression, because they already have registered with a so-called Muslim marriage bureau of Ahmadabad since last two years and were paying memberships without getting such active support and care.

When I contacted Mr. Farooqui for their marriage life after laps of time, he expressed his happiness in different tone. He told me that although, their marriage was an arranged marriage type, but he and his wife have got ample chances to know each other during their two to three personal meetings and prolonged telephonic/mobile conversation before marriage. Thus, they can create love marriage like bonds and reached at each other in proper manner to they are feeling that their marriage is not arranged one, but lover marriage in true sense.

Affectionately Yours,

Mr. Zakir Shaikh.



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