If you know how to set up a winning profile on Rishta matrimonial website, your chances of getting positive responses will increase many folds. You can get your dream partner with the least hurdle and waiting period!

When you decide to place your profile on any matrimonial website, you should have some concept clear in your mind as well as must know how to improve your chances to get a right match with the least hurdles.

Therefore, today I am going to help you to set up a winning profile on our Rishta Matrimonial website with detailed follow-ups and understandings of the basics of online profile creation for matrimony websites.

The Concepts You Have to Clear in Your Mind

  • An online profile is your virtual identity that shapes with texts and photos you have uploaded.
  • Matrimonial websites are online software working with a set of programming algorithms. Therefore, providing accurate and correct information in the required format is essential to help the software to work smoothly and rapidly.
  • You cannot ignore required fields marked with an asterisk because those provide matching keywords in your matrimonial profile.
  • Images/photos are mandatory to upload in your profile and professional photos taken from matrimony point of view improves your prospects further.
  • When you are looking for a match on a matrimony site in India, it is a sort of arranged marriage, not for dating or same purpose, which considered vague/vulgar here.
  • Never try to use profiles of opposite sex for dating or misuse it anyhow. It is disastrous for you and your social impressions and may lead to legal action if someone had made a complaint or admin of matrimony site has realized it.
  • Don’t try to describe yourself overtly and stay away from making clichéd statements.
  • Focus on your personality and produce hard facts, which are socially acceptable to disclose and in a soft manner to make the right pitch.
  • Try to give a glimpse of your lifestyle, hobbies, passions, preference for a partner, and expectation on real ground.


Everyone going to upload a profile on matrimony site is not capable of writing a profile professionally. If you are not good at English and need a bit professional help, backend team of Rishta Matrimonial can provide you at a negligible charge.

If you are capable of writing your profile in standard ways, as others used to do, you must go ahead and do some preparations to do it successfully.

  • If you have a resume for your career or a job, it will provide you essential and necessary info instantly including your DOB, address, contact detail, and your academic and professional details at a glance.
  • Go to a professional photographer to prepare professional photos especially dedicated to matrimony purpose so you will have at least three to four pictures in different perspectives to reveal your real and inner beauty besides hiding your natural defects/deficiencies. If you want to take the photo yourself, a lot of hints are available on the web as well as I am going to write a dedicated post in the near future here.
  • There are sample profiles available on the web for men and women to write matrimony profile. You must study some relevant to you and your circumstances to describe your case appropriately. For instance, educated women, but not working, a divorcee with and without a child, visual impaired women, career-oriented women, and so on. For men, educated but disabled men, divorcee men with and without children, and self-made men.

Steps to Follow

There are simple steps to follow:

Registration for a new user:

You have to fill up a registration form with basic and essential info as well as provide your choice of username and password to open an account to secure your data/info as well as obtain additional features offered only for registered users.

Rishta Registration Form

Writing a profile description:

Profile description provides you opportunities to standout and showcases your best. So, be affirmative in tone and take sophisticated approaches.

Writing profile title:

Write a beautiful and utterly descriptive title for your profile so you can avoid unwanted responses as well as can attract right match for you based on essential keywords included in the title.

Provide your professional and personal info:

You are going to search for a life partner who will stay with your remaining life. Therefore, citing income source and future income prospects is critical for the opposite end to assure financial security in case of writing men’s profiles.

Personal info


Similarly, financial and personal conditions as well as parents, kids, and similar attached social responsibility is vital for men and women both to cite in profile. So, don’t hesitate to provide essential personal info regarding yourself and your family in the matrimony profile.

Cite hobbies and habits:

It is true that habits and hobbies are changing over the time, but it can provide a common base between two profile to come near and exchange some in the case of two unknown entity to start a conversation.

Describe your physical conditions:

Height, body weight, skin color and tone, body shape and others are parameters sometimes play a detrimental role to select your profile by a right match. Always try to be honest citing this essential info.

Your educational qualifications:

For many educated candidates, level of education, stream or profession, and future learning plans are significant things to discuss and come to the agreement.

Rishta professional Info

Give trust badges:

  • You contact info like email, address, phone/mobile are essential to build first sight trust and see location vicinity.
  • Your social media links provide room for your match to explore further regarding you.
  • You offline references, particularly by a socially recognized personality, become helpful to build your good rapport.

Contact Detail-Rishta

Describe your expectations clearly:

Illustrate your ideal life partner and what you expect from her/his on physical condition, education front, career path, financial conditions, habits, hobbies, mental level, and emotional makeup. Without explanations of your expectations, automated and the manual matching mechanism will not work correctly.


Fine Tips

  • When you set your expectations for your life partner, be realistic and consider own facts and conditions to fulfill others.
  • Don’t do anything overtly because immature people do it. Restrain yourself while describing yourself, your achievements, family, financial conditions, social status, and everything about and around you.
  • Share enough details regarding your friends, family, and social circle. If possible give references to influential and socially recognized people in your family and circle so opposite parties can cross-check easily and get positive responses.
  • Write a profile without any spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and in professional as well as friendly tone to avoid ambiguity, misunderstanding, and wrong impression.
  • Choose the right words within contexts and try to be simple and to the point in your sentences. If possible hire a creative writer to create a professional and impressive matrimonial profile that can attract more responses.
  • Don’t emphasize myths, social, and religious taboos, and similar nonsense. Instead, apply your common sense and take help of experienced and educated people in your family, friends, and circles to create and go ahead in your life partner selection right from writing a profile to arrange meetings.
  • Take matrimonial site seriously, follow up checking the responses and updates regularly, as well as try to be quick on any alert, notification, or response from site or candidates.

Final Verdict:

If you feel any trouble, try to contact the support team of Rishta Matrimonial. Moreover, always try to be premium members because you will have many additional advantages of it.

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Thanks for taking your time to read and understand.