Before jumping into the matter, I would like to introduce you with Shabana Shekhani first.

Shabana Shekhani  is a sister of bride Arjuman Shekhani and  Arjuman Shekhani have made registration on the date of 28/02/2014. Recently, luckily, she got her dream partner in form of Jahangir Shaikh had made his registration on date of 07/03/2014. Their marriage date is 07 June 2014.

With this background, let’s pamper her emotions in her (Shabana Shekhani’s) own words here:

“We are from Dhoraji, Gujarat and belongs to Memon caste (Muslim). My sister was divorcee and was at the 40 years of age. Since after her divorce, we were looking for a suitable bridegroom for my sister. We already had registered with many topnotch and world-class matrimony sites since then.

Unfortunately, we were not getting any expected result despite spending on them a lot. The reason was obvious that we were suffering from of lack of trust on them and their working methods where fear of unknown was persists.

Once, I come into touch with Mohammed Zakir Shaikh through a Facebook page/post. Immediately, I understood from his profile that he is founder of Rishta Muslim Marriage Bureau. Therefore, I have sent him friend request, he accepted and our fruitful communication began.

I realized that he is nothing, but a very co-operative person and professional in the matter of making marriage bonds (Rishta). He understood all the matter about us and requested us to create profile on their website;

We religiously followed him and created my sister’s profile. Afterwards, they started giving us proposals/suggestions for my sister. Even though we were free member, they were taking deep interest in our cause. Thus, I think the aim of Mohd Zakir Shaikh is only making Rishta not running behind money.

We Got Success Now

Once, one profile created from Jahangir Shaikh, Ahmedabad appeared on the Rishta Matrimonial website. On very same day we receive a call from Mohd Zakir Shaikh to look at it. We checked the profile and found it a good match for my sister. Meanwhile, we decided to take paid membership as we have seen that this marriage bureau is working very seriously in favor of their members instead of grabbing money from them anyhow.

Unique Characteristics of Rishta matrimonials

We noticed somewhat, unique characteristics in the Rishta Matrimonial such as:

  • Indeed, we found this marriage bureau altogether different from other marriage bureaus in terms of care and devotions.
  • I also found that some so called Muslim Marriage Bureaus who are simply collecting profiles in order to increase numbers of members and  collect money from the candidates.
  • Such so-called Muslim marriage bureaus upload data of the candidates and leave them on their own mercy.
  • The most important thing I found that Rishta Muslim Marriage Bureau has more than 95% data of genuine candidate means who are still looking for.
  • Contrary, I found that some well-known Muslim marriage bureaus who have more than 40% bio data are of useless (silent) candidate means at present they are not looking for any, since they already either engaged or married. In some cases, they have even their children after marriage! Unfortunately, their profiles are still available on their websites!
  • Thus, this type of marriage bureau are doing cheating with public by not deleting such data from their website in a greed of showing huge numbers of profiles and poor candidate still receiving calls from hopeful new comers!

 We Got What We Want

Finally, we have decided to go ahead and invite family of Jahangir Shaikh. Upon our call, they visited our place and found all things as per their expectations. Then we turned and visited their place. We also liked all the situations, nice in terms. We made inquiry regarding them. In fact Mohd. Zakir Shaikh, helped us at greater extent in making inquiry and give the positive details of Jahangir Shaikh.

Rishta Working for Free Members Too

However, he was a free member and nothing was given from his side. After getting green signals of Mohd Zakir and positive reports, we decided to fix this Rishta (engagement) and given positive node for this relationship. Thus because of the real role of mediator of Mohd. Zakir Shaikh, we could found better match for my sister.

Happy Climax

Finally, Arjuman Shekhani (my sister) and Jahangir Shaikh (my recent Jiju) have got married on 07/06/2014. We wish all the best for success of Rishta Muslim Marriage Bureau in other such cases too.”