Social media is a buzzword today and we all believe that social networking sites can solve our all social problems including finding a life partner for a successful marriage. In present era, we all have mobile devices like smartphones and tablets in our hands or pockets round the clock and serving us to connect with entire web world even while on the go.

They are new ways to socialize

At some point social media like Facebook, Orkut, Myspace, etc. are bringing unexpected people in our contacts and let’s to interact them easily. We can know their point of views for each matter of their life. Therefore, it is but natural that we simply rely on Facebook friends to get opinions for small to big matters like to do shopping or know someone closely.

Untrustworthy Personal Info

This is the property of social networking site that misleading most of our new generation and sometime mature adults too. If you look closely, how social media validates the profile and supplies personal info? How your privacy is secure here and how people act honestly with social media when they are forced to give the true info?

They Let You Live in Virtual World

If you think over above matters, you never will fall in traps of social media and put your personal life in risks by sharing unwanted and unnecessary info of your private life and personal thinking. Here everything is open to discuss thus, social media is often blaming for the marriage break in east and west equally. Just like other internet channels, it gives you an opportunity to spend time with your 20-year-old classmate or your ex freely and this virtual meeting can convert into the physical meeting soon without knowing each other in present contexts.

In short, social networking sites let you live in personal fantasy of virtual world without any solid base at the bottom.

How Matrimonial Sites Differ

At other facet of coin, matrimonial sites like Rishta Matrimonial aggregates info from the prospective candidates merely by free registration. This info consists of your phone numbers, your address, your contact info, and the person responsible for further interactions.

Franchise Helps

Once your registration finish up, our real process begins. We start calling the candidate of person who has uploaded profile. Ask for the detailed address and verified by various means. The exact role of our franchise begins here. Our nearby franchise helps us to validate the personal info as well as provide exclusive info from the social circles of the candidate that is not available through any other source and vital to know that which part of info should be disclosed and with should hide in favor of our candidate and prospective match both.

In fact, this sort of transparency is rare with other matrimonial sites than Rishta Marriage Bureau, particularly for Muslim matrimony.

Room for Parents/Guardians

At neurological point of view the nerve cell of our brain is stop growing in numbers further after age of 20, but they are now expanding their size and hence increasing understanding process. Therefore, our parents and adults are more accurate judging the right life partner according to our social, financial, and personal needs. They are aware of our peculiarities as well as shortcomings. Therefore, they can compromise miscellaneous matters while interacting with opposite sex partner and their parents or social circle.

Active Intermediary

This is the most important thing that we do on behalf of the candidates who are directly approaching us and have no such reliable assistance or intermediates. What we do to fulfill the requirements of parents is arranging several meetings with parents or candidate of your appropriate match or selections. We let them to have reliable contact info in case of offshore partner. Of course, we validate contact info of foreigners through various smart ways.

Once some concessions developed between the parties we happily, pave them ways to fulfill their social rituals and our role ends with a happy and long-lasting marriage!

Can you tell me any social media can do these all, even with some hefty fees? Perhaps not, but may break your smooth marriage relationships without any reason.


Author Bio:

Shoaib Marfatiya is an eminent writer writing for multiple niches and across the industries and their verticals. He has contributed a lot by throwing lights on very intricate issues of businesses, social and others by-and-large.



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