You may find many Muslim Marriage Bureau on the web, but Rishta is very different and unique matrimonial website in many respects. Here I have tried to give you some clues what set us apart from the rests of marriage web portals and how.

Today getting dream match through matrimonial sites is a common trend in the Indian peninsula. Almost all religions, casts, and cadres believe in online matrimony sites including Muslims across the world.

Gujarat is one of the prosperous states of India and Ahmedabad is the biggest metro city of it. Sizable populations of Muslims reside here and living nearly affluent lifestyle compared to rests of Indian Muslims.

The Aim of Rishta Matrimonial Is Different

Muslims here are well-educated, open-minded, and tech-savvy. Therefore, their expectations accordingly for a matrimonial website. Of course, some giant matrimonial web portals also have branches in Ahmedabad, but their approaches are generalized in nature rather than addressing specific requirements of the community.

Unfortunately, one or two Muslim marriage bureaus are operating in the city at the state level, but with poor and rotten services. When Mr. Zakir Shaikh has realized the fact with his personal experiences, he has decided to offer an excellent Muslim marriage bureau to the people of Ahmedabad and entire Gujarat.

It has given birth to Rishta Muslim Marriage Bureau for quality and cost-effective service with an extremely polite manner! Thus, Rishta Matrimonial site is different from others in its aim and mode of functions.

Here service quality and experiences have top priorities and monetization is at last.

We Are Favorite Among Muslim Society

Muslims in Gujarat like rests of India are highly fragmented religiously, socially, and economically. Each sect and group has a distinct culture, traditions, and lifestyle.

When you are going to provide a life partner matching services, through knowledge of these all is essential to justify the job and satisfy the clients. Fortunately, Rishta Muslim Marriage matrimonial is a team of people belongs to most of the significant sects thanks to its core team and its franchise services.

We have included features in our site that allow filtering the search based on religious, cast, and mother tongue present in the contemporary Muslim community.

Advance Search

It makes search quick and accurate and facilitates matrimonial candidates to browse only the most relevant profiles.

We Have Support of Young Generation/New Blood

Today like all societies and community, Muslims are equally progressive. The new generation is educated and tech-savvy. They use Google, and other search engines for any query sprung in their mind.

Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp like social media are handy for them and they also use the same for the Muslim bride or Muslim groom search. When we had run a survey, we realized that the tech-savvy new generation loves our Rishta Marriage Site the most because of alluring design, responsiveness, ease in use, usable features and functions, and the excellent user experiences.

The ultimate evidence of the support of the new generation for our noble causes to find the life partner is their profiles registered on Rishta Marriage Bureau.

We Support All Ages Marriage Aspirants

It is true that our core support comes from the young generation, but divorcee candidates are numerous, and a big portion of it belongs to middle age and sometimes old age too!

We never left them, ignore, or avoid anyway. We equally treat our candidates to get their right match according to their present status as with or without children. We have given many aged aspirants to relief for their old-age days where support of a life partner becomes crucial despite having children or grandchildren.

We Extend Offline Support Too

We have opened our franchises across the all major cities and towns of Gujarat. You can contact the franchise owner personally/face-to-face and register yourself, pay, and explore your prospects through our offline database and personalized services.

You need not be tech-savvy or even educated one who can write and read English. Our team will manage everything beautifully on behalf of you.

Our Awesome Support to Tech-savvy Online Users

We know our biggest audience is tech-savvy and proficient in online usage. Therefore, we give them enough freedom and power to exploit our site the most. In due course,

  • We allow candidates to upload their profiles themselves.
  • They can update or edit their profiles as per their wish and need.
  • If they have any query and need help, they can freely use Live Chat option.

We Respect Privacy A Lot

We show contact details of your matching or selected profiles only when you are a paid/premium member. Thus, anyone cannot access your contact details and some private info from your profile.

In many other Muslim Marriage Bureau, despite your being a paid member, you cannot access the contact detail, and you have to request it through a phone call as well as wait for at least a day or two.

By using high-end security features and advanced matrimonial website development technologies, we have made life easy for quick contact and eliminated an intermediary step, unless anyone of both parties requests us.

We Leverage Mobile Notifications Services Enough

We know that today the majority of Rishta candidates have smartphones and some are also using tablets to access the site. Therefore, we have decided to leverage mobile notification services the most and provide an edge to our esteemed candidates who have registered with us.

In due course, we offer the following:

  • You can express interest in the profiles of others, so in response, they will get notification SMS on their mobiles regarding your interest with your ID number.
  • When someone accepts your expressed interest, you will get notification SMS on your mobile number regarding their acceptance.
  • Similarly, when someone expresses interest in your profile, you will receive notification SMS on your mobile.
  • Same the way, when you accept interest expressed by others, they will get notification SMS on their mobile.

In short, these all make conversation easy, quick, and connect the two or more interested parties without much efforts and intermediation.

We Offer Secure and More Payment Options

Today, we have multiple online payment options such as

  • Internet banking with NEFT and IMPS services.
  • Card payments by credit cards or debit cards
  • Mobile payment using mobile credit and mobile wallets for multiple currency payments.

Fortunately, we have integrated all these payment options in our site and also added a range of payment gateways to offer more options for national and international candidates registering with us and leverage our a range of packages.

We Have Process to Keep Our Site Neat and Clean From Junk & Fraudulent Profiles

Many among us may have experienced that once you registered with a marriage bureau and provided your contact details, they keep it in the database despite you end up your account by either selecting a partner or not.

They continue sending you messages of interested profiles and create embarrassment in your marriage, personal, and social life. Therefore, to provide excellent user experiences, we have decided to remove junk profiles including dead profiles.

In due course, we have added a “Delete Profile Request” button in all types of account whether they are paid or not. Thus, we can receive the request from the successful candidates who have got either engaged or married and provided them relief from all kinds of SMS and notifications.

In some cases, candidates prefer to stay silent for sometimes and plan to be active again. When we receive delete account request from such candidates, we merely inactive their account and provide them temporary relief from notifications.

Thus our profiles are maximum active and junk free.

We Are Cost-effective

Finally, we aim to provide the excellent online matrimonial services at the lowest possible cost. Therefore, despite our high-end and high quality services, our charges are comparatively lower than rests of our competitor Muslim Marriage Bureaus.

Moreover, sheer transparency is our motto, so we never impose hidden charges. Similarly, we never expectancy charges after finalization of Rishta or successful marriage except give us photos of your wedding ceremony so we can upload it in our success stories section.

Thanks for your interest in reading and understanding us.