If you are inclined to see a sure success in your matrimonial search, you have to look for a candidate-friendly matrimonial website loaded with required advanced features to support it. Rishta for You is the best bet for you to achieve the same instant, reliably, and satisfactorily!


If I am not exegete on matrimony sites, this option for getting a life partner come later, the first comes to the aunt or uncle of a bride or groom to look the best bet within their reach in the family, relatives, and social circle.

Our Double Standards While Approaching Matrimonial:

It is a typical Indian mentality that when nothing works, they come to online matrimony websites. Therefore, each aspirant candidate sees the profiles of counterparts with similar suspicious eyes.

Tip-1: Now, the time has changed, and people have no time or no nearby relatives to help them in such highly personal and critical matter. So, try to catch a reliable matrimonial website like ‘Rishta for You’ to get your dream life partner.


Facts & Myths Regarding Matrimonial Web Portals:

Another remark we had that a lot of falsehood/myths and hid prevailing among our society, especially Indian society that cheating and frauds are common on online wedding sites. Therefore, they see each detail or fact provided on the site with doubts. For instance, Age, Physical Look & Feel, Education, Income Sources, Morales, and other background related things, which we used to check during the selection.


Tip-2: Now, ‘Rishta for You’ like advanced and dependable Marriage Bureau agencies check each detail minutely, confirm personally or through reliable sources (Franchise partners) before publishing and validating the profile of candidates looking a right match.


Judging A Book by Its Cover – Apply On Matrimonial Search:

On an average grooms look for brides with fair skin, slim body, beautiful figure (Look), sweet voice, high education, good earning jobs, and expertise in day-to-day homely cores.

Grooms' preferences-Rishta

Similarly, brides seek a handsome boy, fair skin, good height, He-Man like body figure, educated, prestigious job or business, and loving. Unfortunately, such dream girls and boys are hard to meet in real life.

Brides' preferences-Rishta

Therefore, if you find profiles describing such imaginary things, check their social media networking sites such as Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other trendy sites thoroughly. Obtain their physical contact address indirectly and exploit their neighborhoods to get perfect clues.

Most often timeline on Facebook can easily reveal the facts and personality of a candidate if you examine each post carefully and check their social friends, likes, and shares.

Tip-3: When you are a premium member at ‘Rishta for You’ like reputed Muslim Matrimonial, the staff working behind the scene is collecting personal information and cross-checking everything personally through reliable sources and on social media as well.


Be Bold During Matrimonial Search:

After profile checking, it is time to move ahead and take a step forward. You have two options to do it.

  1. Express interest: It is the best way to show your intent to your selected mates subtly. Push the button and wait for a response.
  2. Connect: It is an excellent way to display the seriousness of your intent.

Express interests on Rishta

Tip-4: ‘Rishta for You’ offers both kinds of buttons and provide you the same experiences you crave for it.


Prefer Chat On Matrimonial Website:

Many matrimonial candidates are open and expressive/extrovert. Therefore, they can speak their heart openly and clearly over a phone call or video chat. However, most youngsters, particularly Muslims (Girls) are of reserved nature and live chat will be an option for them to pour their hearts/feeling with their prospective life partner.


Chat-1-Rishta Chat-2-Rishta


Tip-4: ‘Rishta for You’ provides AI-powered chat with features and tools required for an ideal & advanced matrimonial site.


Be Shrewd to Gauge Your Prospective Partner in F2F Meet

After enough online/virtual conversations and satisfaction with it, you have to go ahead for face-to-face (F2F) meet. Being an emotional decision and phenomena, most of the candidates either feel shy or crossing the boundaries and establish unwanted relationships with the prospective mates. They used to open up more than expectations and create unwanted situations that lead them to spoil their chances for the entire life.

Tip-5: To avert any mishap during the F2F meet up of the candidates, we at ‘Rishta for You’ advice parents/guardians or mature candidates to avoid outside meetings like restaurant, hotel, beach, riverfront, or any place where your security may go into threat/danger.

We used to invite candidates to come to our office to the F2F meeting. We have made arrangements in our office to provide enough room to discuss anything for prospective brides & grooms.


The Best Place to See Success in Your Matrimonial Search

You might have realized that how ‘Rishta for You’ can help you to achieve instant success in your matrimonial search to find your dream match that may standby you up to your last breath!