We generally perceive that online matrimonial sites means we have to contact prospective brides or bridegrooms directly and interacting with them. However, recent statics says that youngsters even do not prefer social networking sites for their life partner selection and prefer to go to upload their profile on the reputed matrimonial.


Social Media Are Unreliable for Life Partner Selection

This fact is opening our eyes, because Facebook and other social networking sites are gathering mass, that may not be serious about the marriage. Moreover, predicting potential candidate for us is quite difficult in the list of our friends or so called friends on these social networking sites.


Fear of Unknown

However, after creating a profile on the good matrimonial site is not the end of the solution of the new generation people. Yes, reasons are obvious as our youngsters don’t have enough experiences to deal with unknown person either virtually or face-to-face. We mostly suffering from the fear of unknown in psychological terms. This fear of unknown leads us to failure in our first encounter though we are considering us the best match for each other based on our profiles and partner preferences.


How to Overcome Our Shortcomings

Unfortunately, at present moment, hardly any matrimonial website is offering active involvement in the setting up a stage for the dialogue between the two candidates or their parents and if they are doing they are charging high and offering only some phone call help through their assistants.

Such limited help can’t place candidates or parents on the chains of the active and fruitful dialogue. As we don’t have the clue about the cultural background of the opposite ends and most importantly don’t have ability to smoother the environment by establishing mutual trusts between the parties.

Therefore, our older generation parents who used to use the intermediate services from their social circles to know about the opposite end before the first meeting prefer to take help of established franchises of a marriage bureau. They know that franchises people have knowledge and experience to set right candidate according to their culture and legitimate expectations.


Role of Our Franchises

This franchise man or woman act as true social intermediate and collect information prior to meeting regarding to the both parties. They have abilities to figure out good characteristics of both ends and suppress the unwanted and useless issues for their candidates. Thus, they are able to grease the minds of the parents of the both ends and place bridegroom and bride in right direction so they can initiate their first dialogue without any fear of unknown or other shortcomings of their personalities.


How We Select Our Franchises

This the main reason that why we are highly selective in case of franchises and put some barriers to greedy and useless persons to take our franchise. For instance, we charge some amount upfront when someone approaches us for franchise so we can judge that how she/he is sincere about the job/work. We take repeated interviews of the person who wish to work with us in order to know her/his capacities to smoother the barriers for their candidates.

We consider the location, infrastructural facilities like some sitting arrangements for the both parties to meet in isolate and clam environment. Moreover, we take opinions of our well-wishers regarding to the social reputation of the applicants of the franchise.

Now, I hope you understood why mature parents are preferring our franchise help first, and most importantly, Rishta Muslim Marriage bureau against the others.

Author Bio: Shoaib Marfatiya is an eminent writer writing for multiple niches and across the industries and their verticals. He has contributed a lot by throwing lights on very intricate issues of businesses, social and others by-and-large.



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