Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Rishta Matrimonial has keen interests to help you out finding your right match using our out-of-box services on this website apart from our honest endeavour. Therefore, we have listed some important and frequently asked questions here with appropriate answers so you can take quick guidance beforehand without going to asking us through contact form. We did try to categories them in order to navigate easily.


Q: Does login/registration compulsory in order to search our soul mate?

A: Not at all, but without login, you won’t see the contact details of any profile. Moreover, we are not asking any personal/financial sensitive detail that may harm your security anyway as we are offering the most secure experiences to our honourable visitors. Check our Terms & Conditions

Q: What are the benefits of registering on

A: there are some obvious benefits of registration with us such as:

  • By registering you will able to upload your profile free
  • By registering you will able to see the contact details of your searched profile if that is belong to platinum membership package and if you are paid member, you will have access of the contact details of all members on our site.
  • When you finish the upload of your profile after registering, you will have access of all the features of website in order to enhance your site experiences as well as your profile. For instance, Photo upload in order to create photo gallery, you can express interest in any profile you choose, you can communicate with other members, you can receive their feedbacks upon your interest request like acceptance of your interest or declining.
Q: How can I register on

A: All you need to do is, click on ‘New User’ button below the login fields and fill out the required information as accurately as possible in the emerging registration page. Once you accomplish all essential details click on the'Submit' button and done!

Q: Can I register on behalf of my any relative or a friend?

A: Definitely, you can, because all people are not tech-savvy or shy enough to manage such important affairs in their life so we allow to do so. In the Registration Form you need to specify your relationship with the person on whose behalf you are registering so other end can manage conversation effectively.

Q:Does registration requires any payment on Rishta Matrimonial?

A: Absolutely not, because we don’t charge for registration and for free membership at all and let people to upload their profile to test our site and bet on their luck. Therefore, we are standing out from the other matrimonial websites in this respect. As we allow paid members to see, the contact details of free members and let them to take direct approach. Thus, we are not forcing free members to pay for our services if they are lucky to get their soul mate. In short, we are not monetizing such a level and protect the right of paid members beforehand

Q: How long does it take to register and create a Profile on

A: TheRegistration and Profile creation process on can completed within 10 minutes. As it is In two easy steps, you can Register first and then create your Profile. After creating the profile you can check your profile by click on My Profile button, you can add more details on your profile by click on Edit Profile button.

Q: Can I specify more than one email while registering with

A: No. You may specify only one email while registering. You can however change your email address and password later if you wish.

Q: While registering, I got an error message that says that my email is already registered with and that I must specify another email. Why does this happen?

A: Every Profile posted on is associated with only one unique email. You may have received this error message because you or someone else has already posted a Profile using this email.

Profile Creation:

Q: The form seems to be a bit lengthy. Do I need to fill it entirely?

A: Now, tell us what will you do while choosing your life partner? Will you select her/him based on little information? Never, therefore, it is mandatory to help others to check your background and your details in-depth in order to assure safe, secure, and most importantly best choice of their soul mate. You can do this by providing as much as possible information at first hand in your profile so they will not repeat minor question when they approach you personally. Therefore, we humbly request you to take pains and time to furnish all information in your profile.

Q: While registering and creating a Profile, can I avoid providing information in the compulsory fields?

A: No,all the compulsory fields have to be filled in order to complete the registration and matrimonial Profile creation process. These compulsory fields provide essential information about you to other Members who view your Profile.

Q: My Religion/Caste/Mother tongue/Profession is not listed in the registration form or profile creation form. What should I do?

A: We try to be as comprehensive as possible while creating profile and many lists being used in the Registration form in due course. There are chances that your particular religion / caste, mother tongue, education, profession etc may not be represented in our list here. Therefore, we request you that you can use the 'Other' option provided to you.

Q:What is a Profile ID? Is it important?

A: by allocating a Profile ID automatically, we try to offer a unique identity number to your Profile on That can also help you to search yours and other Profiles using the Profile ID search feature. In return this unique ID help us to differentiate you from other members in our database if similar name or spellings occurring.

Q:Are there any specific DOs and DON'Ts while creating a matrimonial Profile on

A: Yes, there are several Dos and Don’ts like:

  • Do not use your Profile to display your contact details.
  • Do not make commercial use of it and do not include content that is vulgar, pornographic or racist. See our Terms & Conditions for more details of what type of content is prohibited on
  • Provide as much as detailed possible by you while creating your Profile.
  • After your Profile is activated, be sure to fill in the About my Partner and also to upload a photographs.
  • The more information you will add, the more you have chances of finding a desired partner.

Q:Why should I set my Partner Preferences in About My Partner?

A: When you are setting your partner preferences that tell us more about the choices for a partner you are desiring and that helps and its staff as well as others who look your profile suggest better matching Profiles for you. In one sense your preferences for your partner help other Members decide whether you be interested in them or not so decide if they were to contact you or not. Thus, this one is vital information for you.


Q:What is the franchises?

A: In fact franchise concept is bit different here as the franchises of Rishta Matrimonial is acting as the network of intermediates people who play vital roles between local people and
They can enrol the candidate and give them profile ID, Login ID and password and connect the candidate with Rishta Matrimonial. Moreover, they take care of their clients/candidates, their preferences according to their nature and culture.

Q:How the franchise concept is useful for member?

A: All franchises have their own admin authentication on website, these ways they find out the perfectly matching profile for their candidate and also initiate first level contact with members directly or franchise of other candidate and arrange the meeting. This way they grease the process for members and offer great comfort for the candidates who don’t have near and dear people or relatives to help in such conditions.


Q:What is the difference between free and premium membership?

A: The biggest difference between free and premium members is that Premium members can view contact details and can make contact to the interested profile directly where as free members cannot view the contact details. Profile details except contact details will be viewed to both members. Click here to see in details.

Q:How can I make Payment to Rishta Matrimonial and upgrade my Free membership in to Premium Membership?

A: Whenever you wish to upgrade or renew your membership, payment should be done as follows:

For Indian members:

Name of Beneficiary : Rishta Matrimonial
Name of Bank: Bank of Baroda
Branch: Shahpur, Ahmedabad
Current Account Number: 09070200000431

Online Payment (Only For Indian):

12 Months Premium Membership (Rs.3800): 6 Months Premium Membership (Rs.2500): 12 Months Basic Membership (Rs.1500): 6 Months Basic Membership (Rs.1000):
If members from out side of India:

Name of beneficiary : Rishta Matrimonial
Name of Bank: Bank of Baroda
Branch: Shahpur, Ahmedabad
Current Account Number: 09070200000431

Once the payment is done please send us an email on with following details:

If payment has done from outside of India

(1) Mode of payment :Remitter name of payment gateway

If payment done from India:

(1) Mode of Payment: Cheque so provide us the cheque number
(2) OR If mode of payment is Cash or net banking provide us Transaction Number and Branch where cash deposited (Transaction Number should be collected at a time of deposit the cash or noticed when online transfer is done).

If you have any query, please contact us on or call us at +91 - 9375007734


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