About Us


Today we are living in a fast-paced life with more and more nuclear families. These are directly influencing our social needs, searching a right soul mate in particular. When we have formed Rishta matrimonial, we had these things in mind. However, we still believe that the arranged marriage model is the best solution for Indian folk and particularly, for Muslim culture across the globe, even for the online marriage bureau.

So, We Have Adopted Arrange Marriage Model

The toughest challenge for us was to implement the arrange marriage model in the right context for our modern, highly educated, and culturally progressive society. Thereby,

we have decided to act as an online marriage broker who works selflessly to mingle both ends for the long-lived marriage ties.

So we voluntarily accepted an active intermediary role without adopting money-drawing models prevalent everywhere.

How We Work:

How Are We Providing Active Role?

Our active role means we used to initiate first dialogue from both ends until it ends in a first face-to-face or online meeting (in case of foreign candidates). This is our peculiarity that keeps us apart from the rest in the industry. So, our successful candidates consider us their parents/guardians/relatives or well-wishers throughout their life. Perhaps this is the sole & biggest achievement, reward, or satisfaction for us.


In the wake of our aims, we have gathered an efficient working team, which is dedicated to such hard work and selfless endeavors. Therefore, we select the person for our franchise with the utmost care and allow only a suitable one who is matching with our thoughts and philosophy.


About Our Franchises

Perhaps this active intermediary role had led us to formulate franchises regionally. It means the locals can manage the affairs of their localities. Albeit, wisely and accurately against the alien ones who sit in air condition offices of the Marriage Bureaus.

For the sake of your curiosity, we would like to describe our ways of working as an active intermediary role.

  1. We/our franchise first up, collects the most important information regarding the candidate who approaches us by in-person.
  2. For online registered candidates, we try tocontact the candidate directly using the info provided during the online registration to make a direct call.
  3. We can use the same to access the candidate on our chat or by other means likeinstant messengers, includingHangout, Facebook-chat, or Skype.
  4. Such direct interaction not only gives us real social, personal, and professional personality insights but also intimate us the desires of the candidate.

Once our diary and database get ready with the required information, we start matching with the right candidates and offering him or her bio-data of practical matches, which are acceptable in a broad sense including the parents and relatives of the candidates. Of course, we respect the desires and dreams of the candidate and honor their social needs first in due process.

Finally, Think Over

We hardly believe that other matrimonial are exercising in such rigorous ways with such cheapest price tags. So, we request you to register your bio-data first with us and see the difference.