Himatnagar is a central hub of the ceramic industry and marbles of Ambaji areas. It is an economically prosperous and culturally diverse city with mixed populations.

About Muslims in Sabarkantha

Himatnagar is a district center of Sabarkantha. The district has 2.5 million population, and Muslims are only 6% of it. The following towns have sizable Muslim communities:

Himatnagar – 20%

Modasa – 51%

Idar – 18%

Prantij – 25%

Savgadh – 62%

Meghraj – 45%

In numbers, Himatnagar is the biggest hub of Muslims or varied casts and creeds. However, Sunni Muslim Patni Jamaat is dominating here and other cities of Sabarkantha, including Modasa and Prantij.

Muslim Brides & Grooms Himatnagar

Sunni Muslims of Sabarkantha are highly progressive and have their/own mechanisms to deal with Marriage like social and personal issues beautifully. Despite it, several Muslim Brides Himatnagar and Muslim Grooms Himatnagar are looking for the right matches in other communities.

High literacy rate and progressive thinking among the Muslims in Sabarkantha have led them to take Muslim Marriage Bureau services by Rishta Muslim Matrimonial site. Following high numbers of candidates are indicating direct evidence of it.

Therefore, our Himatnagar Muslim Matrimony page is receiving registration of Prantij Muslim Brides, Prantij Muslim Grooms, Modasa Muslim Brides, Modasa Muslim Grooms, Idar Muslim Brides, and Idar Muslim Grooms profiles.

Rishta Muslim Marriage Bureau Himatnagar

Our representatives at Rishta Muslim Marriage Bureau for Himatnagar Muslim Matrimonial page are working hard to find the right match for the aspirant candidates in both genders and convince them for taking personal interviews and making a perfect selection with the help of parents, elders, and friends whoever is trustworthy in the scenario.

If you are interested in finding Muslim Brides from Himatnagar or Muslim Grooms from Himatnagar, check following Rishta Muslim Marriage Bureau profiles from Himatnagar and elsewhere in Sabarkantha.


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45 years

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42 years

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38 years

10+2/ Senior Secondary School
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42 years

10+2/ Senior Secondary School


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30 years


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